Establishment of Workshop and Design Center at UET, Lahore
Nov 10, 2022 - Dec 10, 2022

Punjab Minister of Higher Education, Raja Yasser Humayun Sarfraz, has inaugurated Workshop and Design Center at UET, Lahore. Vice Chancellor, Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar, deans, Registrar, chairpersons, Project Director, and others were present on the occasion. The center has been established to promote design and fabrication-based final-year projects by students of engineering programs. It has been completed with funding from the federal government through HEC. The center is housed in a dedicated building and contains Machine Shop, Fitting Shop, Welding Shop, Heat treatment shop, and Flexible Manufacturing System. Students can themselves design and fabricate using the facilities provided in the center while working independently. It will promote practical skills and aims to produce employment-ready graduates.  The Computerised Numerical Comtrol (CNC) machines and robot based sorting of machined components based on quality has also been provided in the center. The sorted jobs can be placed in a storage bin or can be sent back for re-processing. “This Finite State Machine (FMS) system is one of the latest models and students can create various real scenarios to optimize the working of a manufacturing system,” said Mr Raja Yasser. He encouraged the faculty to put concerted effort to manufacture imported items locally in order to reduce import bill. “This state-of-the-art facility in one of a kind in the country where students will get hands-on experience of using the latest machinery and be industry-ready,” said Dr Sarwar.




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