The primary function of the Directorate is to organize extra-curricular activities for students and to nurture their intellectual, literary and artistic capabilities that usually remain untapped in a typical classroom environment. It functions through a large number of clubs and societies, each devoted to some sport or cultural and artistic activity. The students join these clubs and societies according to their aptitude and interests. Another function of the directorate is to maintain liaison with a wide cross-section of students and to be responsive to their needs and problems. The Directorate also works to promote respect amongst students for dignified and disciplined behavior so that they become responsible and respectable members of the honoured community of engineers, architects, planners and scientists.

       Recently, the Directorate has been mandated to streamline and strengthen the ongoing co-curricular activities that help students in their professional and personal growth. The Directorate has established a database and liaison centre for student Internships, career counselling and social services. The students are encouraged to visit this centre for their specific queries and needs.












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